photo a day challenge

September photo a day

I’m taking part in Fat Mum Slim’s September photo a day challenge.

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We got dressed up this past weekend to take our holiday photos. It was a beautiful weekend — warm enough to go outside and snap a few pre-holiday pics of our own.

My cousin is getting married in December so these little outfits will get some additional use for the wedding, too! Love that because these kiddies outgrow these pretty outfits so fast! xoxo
Happy week to you!

{photos} light

I was sorting through the photos on my camera today and discovered these photos — taken several weeks ago during a family walk along the lake shore by our home one early evening.

I love the how dusky evening light was captured in these. What a nice surprise to find these.

{photo walk} an introduction

I’m not really that into photography. I rather enjoy the art and craft of working with my hands to create. Hubby, whom I’ve shared, enjoys this form of expression more. However, writing in this space has made me appreciate the value and beauty of having good photographs to express visually what words cannot always do.

So, inspired by idea put forward by Elise, as well as Sandra’s blog filled with photos of her everyday surroundings, next week, I’m dedicating myself to take a walk with my camera (nothing fancy, I have a Canon point & shoot) with the intention of taking a closer look at my surroundings.

The photos above were taken last week while at the amusement park with my family. It’s amazing what you see when you look for something specific, like pattern. There’s so much detail to be admired and inspired by. I can see some of these patterns making way into a knitted hat or cowl design in the future, perhaps.

So I’ll hope join me on Monday as I start my personal photography walk.

pure love

A short while ago I was contacted by Ella about using my Elf hats in an upcoming photo shoot with twin babies. I was thrilled and honoured, to say the least. She captured pure love in these amazing photos that I get the privilege to share with you on my site and my shop.

I feel blessed to have met Ella, a talented photographer, graphic designer, blogger, nature lover, and mother to a beautiful daughter about the same age as my K.

Babies + handknits — don’t they just make you smile!


My brother purchased an SLR this weekend and we played around with it. I really noticed the difference in the quality of the pictures compared to my point and shoot.

This little girl is fierce with her emotions. Loud and angry or bursting with joy — there’s no in between with this one. It’s a good thing I was on her good side today — she gives the best, biggest with her eyes squeezed shut, kisses ever. Sweetest. Thing. Ever.

These days, I’m really sweet on all things crochet. Sharing my yarn and hooky love with these inspiring links:

:: like Danielle’s vintage inspired bedspread — love the muted colours and flowery pattern.
:: and Lisa’s duo-tone bracelet tutorial made with yarn — I gotta make this!
:: or this fun idea to add crochet edging to a tea towel!
:: and finally this colourful burst of blooms has me inspired to really pick up hook and get back at learning how to do this wonderful skill properly.

I’ve tried to teach myself a few times. Maybe after the show, when I have some down time, I’ll take a class and learn properly. Yes. That’s exactly what I’ll do.

How about you? Have you got any plans or yearnings to learn a new skills or hobby? Do tell me!