9 months

i'm 9 months old today!

My dear littlest one, today you are 9 months old and I’m both happy and sad.

Happy because you are developing into a funny and beautiful little lady, and sad because it means you’re growing up (always my baby, though) and there are 3 more months until your first birthday.

You are a mobile little terror — always following your big sister K around the house. You’re cruising around furniture and crawling up the stairs now. You’re starting to eat chunkier food, and gobble it down quickly. So far there’s nothing you don’t love to eat!

You’re also the most fearless and curious little girl I know. I’m always chasing you off furniture, and wrestling shoes and remotes out of your little hands.

I never want to see you stop growing and learning, but I want you to stay exactly as you are today, forever.


P.S. I hope I’m developing an early love of fibre in this one by letting her play with my yarn stash!


6 months

happy demi birthday!

My dear littlest one, you’ve reached the halfway mark! Six months have blown by. In the sort time we’ve been living at Grandma’s you’ve hit so many milestones that I’m starting to lose track. 

Just this week alone, you started eating solids (but more on this later). Now you’re sitting up on your own, too! You’ve picked up this incredible skill so much earlier than your big sister, who I remember didn’t sit up on her own until she was 7 months old. 

I can’t believe how quickly you are learning and growing. You delight in watching your world around you and we delight in watching you live, laugh and learn! Happy demi birthday, my little one!

5 months

happy 5 months, sweetie!

My dear littlest one, you’re now 5 months old and such a delight. You like to sit up now and the bumbo is your favourite. Your smiles and laughter continues to light up our world. 

Staying at Grandma’s has altered your night-time schedule a little (to my dismay) but what can we do? Too much change for a little one like you, right? I’m certain that you’ll adjust soon — long enough to do it all again when we move back home! 

You are exploring your world through your mouth, now, too! Everything within reach goes straight in! There’s no sign of teeth yet, but we’re in no hurry. This past week, jumping is your newest trick. You love to stretch those baby legs and move up and down. The smile on your face as you do so is adorable. 

Happy 5 months, my littlest sweetie! We made it this far!

four months

Hi people, I'm four months old today!

My dearest littlest one, today you’re four months old and just like last month I’m in awe of how much you’ve grown in such a sort period of time!

Your sleeping challenges are getting better, much to my gratefulness! You only get up now if you’re hungry — which is still twice per night, but I’ll take that since it’s such an improvement, and you take your naps every two hours during the day, which I’m very thankful for!

You’re on the verge of making a successful roll-over, almost getting all the way around from front to back. I keep cheering you on everyday and I know one day you’ll make it all the way! And sitting up is your preferred position now. You want to see everything around you and although you’re not strong enough to sit on your own, you’re always trying to lift yourself up. It’s adorable, your little baby sit-ups!

I love spending each day with you and I feel so lucky to be your mama! Happy 4 months old, my littlest one!

three months

happy 3 months!

My dear littlest one, you’re three months old today (and that definitely warrants a double post!) I simply can’t believe it. It seems like just yesterday you were born. You’re holding your head up straighter now, your little neck strengthening. You’re growing, growing, and growing!

The best thing about you is your laughter! It’s loud and joyful — just like you!

I love you more each day, even on the nights you keep me up for the sake of my company.

Happy three months, my little one.

two months

2 months old

My dear little babe, eight weeks has blown by me like a windy day. You’re showing everyone who was so concerned with your slow weight gain in those early weeks not to worry. You just needed a little time to get adjusted to living outside your watery world. 

At two months old, you’re watching us all with intensity and delighting us with your coos and smiles. Sleeping is still an issue, but I trust that just like the eating and the weight gain, you’ll figure it out in your own time. And when you do sleep, you talk. At first I was rushing in to see you at every croak and groan, but I’ve learned now that’s just what you do. I guess we’re both learning, aren’t we little one? 


Now you’re growing so quickly that I’ve had to store away all your newborn baby sleepers. This makes me a little sad. The newborn baby days have passed, but it’s quickly replaced by thoughts of all the growing and learning that is ahead of you. I can hardly wait! 

The pom-pom pixie hat was knitted up in less than an hour. I finally used some of the bulky handspun from New Zealand that I’ve been playing with for over a month. The hat design is a simple garter stitch rectangle, with gradual decreases at the sewn-up end with braided ties and pom-pom attached. 

Happy two months my littlest darling!

Two-and-a-Half Weeks

my littlest angel

My dear girl, has it really been two-and-a-half weeks since your arrival? What a whirlwind it has been already! Even from the start, you arrived with a flurry.  Your birth story is an amazing one, and I’ve been thinking about how to best tell it, so here goes… 

The day, December 16, started off normally, documented here in this blog, but it was shortly thereafter that things started to get interesting. 

We arrived home from our Ikea adventure around 3pm. I call hubby at work and my mom to report that nothing has changed and I was still pregnant and I write my post. By around 3:30 pm I start to feel “something” but I’m not sure so I start timing the “somethings”.  They seem to be coming about 4 minutes apart but lasting only 30 seconds. Must be the start of contractions, I conclude. 

3:45pm I call hubby and tell him he should consider coming home. I suspect we’d be going to the hospital tonight. I call my mom and ask her to come over to pick up K. We had planned that she stay over at my mom’s while we were at the hospital. Next I call my midwife to report the contractions and she said she was already at hospital waiting on another birth, but to call back when the contractions were more than a minute in length. I thought I had plenty of time considering K’s birth lasted over 18 hours. 

Boy was I wrong! By 4:30pm the contractions were coming on strong, I could barely stand. The phone was ringing constantly but I couldn’t be bothered to pick it up. It required me moving from the comfort of leaning against the office chair. It was hubby, trying to get an update. He was stuck in traffic. It was snowing. 

4:45pm I call hubby back, declaring he must come home NOW! I felt like I was ready to have the baby! My only thoughts were that this baby was on its way any minute now and I was going to deliver him/her in my house alone. That was far from what I had imagined for your birth story. 

5:00pm My dad arrives at the house. Hubby had called him to come over to drive me to the hospital. I was not going anywhere. It was painful to move.  I thought as each contraction would pass, it would get better. Again I was wrong.  The contractions came like waves, one crashing on top of the other. 

5:30pm My water breaks. I call my midwife and tell her I was going to have this baby at home. She was sending another midwife to my house right away. I get off the phone and dial 9-1-1. I was determined to have a medical professional around when this baby was born. An ambulance was on its way. 

5:45pm Hubby arrives home. I’m lying on the front foyer, my dad hovering over me. Two ambulances arrive at my front door. I told them I was having this baby now. Can I push? They said no. I wasn’t ready. Are you kidding me? I thought. I most certainly was ready! Every fibre in my being just wanted this baby out. 

The ambulance drivers put me in the back of the bus and took off. Hubby was with me. The wonderful ambulance attendant told me she had 6 children and I get through this. I just had to breathe and try not push.
You don’t want to have this baby in an ambulance, do you?” she asked. Honestly, at this point, it didn’t matter where I was having the baby. Hubby told me afterwards that the ride through traffic to the hospital was just like in the movies, weaving in between cars and sirens and horns blazing. We made it to the hospital in record time. 

6pm, the OB on call meets us in the ambulance bay and rides the elevator with us to labour and delivery. He was going to deliver my baby, he said. What?! Where was my midwife? She told me she was already at the hospital. She wasn’t here, the doctor said. I was disappointed. We arrive in the delivery room and they move me onto a bed. The doctor checks me and says you can start pushing now. The words I’ve been dying to hear. 

Then my midwife arrives! She had just taken a tour from the hospital to my house, back to the hospital. Chasing the ambulance. I was so happy to see her! Of course, no time for pain meds or anitbiotics for my Group B Strep positive situation.

Within 30 minutes it was all over. At 6:27pm my littlest angel arrives. And I breathe for the first time. She’s perfect.