nothing wasted

heart_brooch2Because I love fiber, I find it very difficult to toss it away, even the little trimmings from the ends that are woven in. I collect them up and put them in a jar – waiting for another use.

Like these knitted heart pins. Except for the pin backs, they are made completely from wool, including the yarn scraps as stuffing!

heart_brooch3Sometimes I look at the jar and I remember the projects that I made with a particular yarn. Lovely thought.

heart broochHow about you? Do you throw away your scraps (whether they are fiber or fabric or something else) Or do you reuse and re-purpose them?

By the way, these lovely brooches are available online, at the Arts Market or at Tea With Gladys.


my new flora

A couple of weeks ago, I received a surprise email that I was the giveaway winner from A Good Good Day! My prize: a $45 gift certificate for anything at Crown Flora Studio. Don’t you just love the shop name?!

crownflora5OMG, I’ve been coveting their beautiful hanging terrariums since I spotted them on Bookhou’s blog. I made my way to Adam & Davis’ lovely shop in Parkdale and was not disappointed.
crownflora4The store was charming. Hubby and I were greeted by Davis, who was equally charming. I picked out my lovely terrarium. Don’t you just love the tear drop shape of the vessel?

crownflora3It’s now the showcase piece in my kitchen.

Thanks Becca! xoxo


grow little bean, grow

On Earth Day, K’s class each planted bean seeds and brought them home. After the bean sprouted, we decided to plant it in my dad’s garden. K tends to her little plant faithfully and today it is flourishing. She’s like a proud parent almost! It’s endearing to watch her excitement as she shows me each little bean pod that grows from it and each little flower that will eventually turn into a bean.

You’ll note that the little green and white box hanging from the support stick was the original container that K class had planted the bean in. Look at it now! Who knew K has a green thumb!

closet crafting

When the seasons start to transition, I will usually spend a day clearing out my closets and drawers and making room for bulkier Fall clothing. I usually end up with a pile of clothes for donation. This time, I hung onto a few summery t-shirts that I didn’t wear at all this year and decided to recycle them into a craft I’ve always wanted to try.

I experimented with cutting a t-shirt into 1″ strips…

Then pulling each piece so the cut edges curl, forming a tube…

Then I tied the bunch together with a bit of extra t-shirt material to form a loopy necklace!

It can be worn long…

Or doubled up for a shorter, closer to the neck, look…

But my favourite way is paired with a cute flower clip.

And since I already had the scissors out, I cut up a few more tees…

And turned them into a big t-shirt yarn ball that I will be transforming into another project soon!

Inspired by this post by Betz White.

lunchbox goodness: creative ham & cheese

in her lunchbox

Now that K has started school, packing a healthy and fun lunch for her has been added to my morning routine. I try my best to prepare most things the night before, but I hate soggy sandwiches, so there are some things that just have to be pulled together in the morning.

As promised, I will try to share some of my ideas for packed lunches regularly in this space. So here’s a little peek at her lunchbox from last week.

K really loves ham and recently I discovered that Maple Leaf has come out with a Natural Selections line without the preservatives and fillers that can sometimes be associated with deli meats. So I picked up a package from our grocery store and put together a ham and cheese sandwich.

I’m sure food cut into shapes are not new to most parents. It’s an easy way to make ordinary food a little special. I used the Drommar pastry cutter set from IKEA to turn her sandwich into a little crab, heart, star and tiny square. I assume she must have liked them because she ate all the individual pieces.

I’ve also decided to reuse our burp clothes as napkins for K’s lunchbox. They are all in very good condition since both my babies were never the spitting up type. I find they are the perfect size for K’s little hands and face, and I have enough for every day use, tossing them all in the weekend laundry, ready for the next week.

So far, the transition to school has been a little rocky for K. I’m hopeful that by the end of this week it will be better. If any of you have a tried and true lunchbox idea, I invite you to share it in the comments below and I may try it out and share it back for everyone, too! I’m always searching for new food inspirations now!

crossing off #16

i heart flowers

A couple of weeks ago when we moved back in, I was able to cross off #16: plant something by cleaning up (read: weeding) and prettying up my front yard.

And in case you’re wondering, before/after photos of my reno are coming, I promise! We’ve just had some delays with the final touches to our kitchen. Our chosen backsplash is on back order and our island countertop installation has been delayed. Bummer!

a little taste

waiting for my first bite

After her first taste of solid food this week, my babe was all in — grabbing the spoon and helping herself to more!

After such a successful start with cereal, I stopped at the farmers market with K today to pick up some fresh local produce to begin making my own baby food.

There was plenty of fresh strawberries, cherries, blueberries, tomatoes and broccoli to be found.

Plus baskets of pretty flowers, too!

I hope my babe likes peas! These sweet peas looked so fresh and green and delicious that I had to bring them home!