{out & about} our great capital, ottawa

Last weekend we took the girls on a road trip, our first as a family to someplace that was over an hour away. Our jaunts to Niagara don’t count as there are days we can make it over there in 40 minutes!

I haven’t been to Ottawa in about 10 years, although somethings are the same, it was fun discovering them as a family.parliment2parliment3 parliment1Parliment Hill and ByWard Market were by far my favourite places.

market3 market2 market4 market1The food was really amazing. We found the best Mexican restaurant in the Market that served some pretty awesome margaritas, the yummies gelato places in the city, and the most amazing fresh seafood restaurant tucked away in a plaza in the suburbs of the city! Now, that’s a good vacation in our family’s books!

ottawa_food3 ottawa_food2 ottawa_food1And of course the girls had a great time exploring the amazing and vast museums!

museum1 museum3 museum2Wonderful weekend getaway!



summer love : festivals

I’m starting a Summer Love series. First on the list of things I love about summer – festivals!
musicfest1The first one we attended (pre-summer) was the Burlington Sound of Music festival last weekend. It was a great night – lots of people, lights and a good vibe. It was amazing to see the turnout. It seemed like everyone in the city had descended upon the lakefront party.

musicfest3 The girls had a good time wandering around the pier and eating gelato! This was one of their favourite spots – the rocks by the pier!
musicfest2What do you love about summer?

making the most of the day

This is how we make the most out of a sick day…

yarn3 yarn1 yarn2Spending the morning winding up skeins of yarn. Playing with fiber is the best kind of medicine, in my book!

sickdayLittle L made me a gingerbread girl — very proud of her creation. And yes, don’t judge but we have a ton of Christmas crafts still lying around in the house and Easter is just around the corner!

christmas memories

I took these photos in the beginning of December when we first put up our Christmas tree, but I forgot to post them.

Each year I frame our family Christmas photo and hang it on the tree. I love remembering each year and marking the growth of our family in these itty bitty photos.





How about you? Do you have any holiday traditions or yearly mementos?