bcardThese are my business cards. I designed them a year ago in preparation for the craft shows I did last season. I decided to use sayings because my Photoshop skills are limited but I wanted to still get across my love of knitting and handmade in my brand. These cards were easy and fun to do!

This holiday craft show season, I had a number of people ask me about my cards, many who wanted all 5 as a “collection”.  It was then that I decided I should turn my cards and my verses into buttons!


And look how they turned out!

buttons2I’m beyond thrilled with these darlings! They were designed and made especially for me by the wonderfully talented Anna of Flame in Heaven. Thank you!

I couldn’t be happier! I love that they match my cards. I’ll be using them everywhere, as thank you gifts for online order, giveaways and for sale, too!

I love DIY — don’t you?


playroom pins

After posting about my plans to set up a playroom for the girls during my week off, I’ve made headway, but haven’t completed the task. So no reveal yet… so instead, I wanted to share my pins and my inspirations for the room.

Some ideas shared on my pinboard and other bookmarks include:

:: a children’s art gallery – rotating photos so we can change it up whenever the season or interest fades
:: a flag banner – either hand knit like this but in bright cheerful colours, or crochet flowers and stars like these.
:: a colourful rag rug
:: a play kitchen & grocery store corner
:: a reading nook
:: a central art table and chairs (I really love this yarn wrapped chair idea and this taped table top idea)
:: an alphabet wall composed of found, vintage and handmade letters. This I will construct over time as it will take some time to collect all 26 letters. If you look closely at one of the pins, using an old school ruler for the letter “I” – absolutely. love. this!

How about you? What are your secrets and tips for shared space with kids?

stamping 101

Last week I took a stamp carving workshop at The Paper Place and had a blast.

I’ve been toying with the idea of finding a rubber stamp with a knitting theme to add to my gift packaging, so the thought that I could actually carve my own was so intriguing. Of course, I also had to add in an owl or two into the mix!

It was so interesting to discover the various items that stamps can be carved out of. Our class samples were carved with rubber erasers, using primarily scalpels! I have to admit, making that first cut with a super sharp scalpel was a very anxious moment for me!

But I’m so pleased with my results, and I want to make more and practice my carving techniques for more precision and skill.

P.S. My apologies for the bad photo. The lighting at the store was not the greatest.

weekending: leaves & gingerbread

It was a lazy weekend, this one was. Mostly staying close to home. Piling up the leaves outside, and filling up the inside with the wonderful smell of gingerbread in the oven.

Last weekend, during our trip to the lakefront, we stopped off at the library and picked up The Gingerbread Man. On the back cover is a recipe for gingerbread men cookies. I promised the girls we would make them this weekend — well, a promise is a promise.

K decorated them with chocolate chips and sprinkles.

This weekend, I’m finding inspirations in…

:: creating my own custom 2012 owl calendar via My Owl Barn.
:: this simple diy hair accessory discovered via Alli
:: these easy felt coffee cozies just sing easy diy teacher gifts
:: this brilliant and inexpensive way to spruce up plain brass thumbtacks — can’t you just picture them turned into this or this?
:: this felted ball tutorial has me planning my Christmas tree decorations already!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, friends!

By the way, if you’re on Facebook or Pinterest, too, find me there!


Today I’m getting ready for the show tomorrow. So, I made this chalkboard sign for my price list today. I used a thrifted wood calendar frame, chalkboard sticker sheets (from the clearance section at Michael’s) and some cardboard from an old gift box (for the backing). And viola! Love the possibilities I have with this signage!

Now back to some more knitting…