My brother purchased an SLR this weekend and we played around with it. I really noticed the difference in the quality of the pictures compared to my point and shoot.

This little girl is fierce with her emotions. Loud and angry or bursting with joy — there’s no in between with this one. It’s a good thing I was on her good side today — she gives the best, biggest with her eyes squeezed shut, kisses ever. Sweetest. Thing. Ever.

These days, I’m really sweet on all things crochet. Sharing my yarn and hooky love with these inspiring links:

:: like Danielle’s vintage inspired bedspread — love the muted colours and flowery pattern.
:: and Lisa’s duo-tone bracelet tutorial made with yarn — I gotta make this!
:: or this fun idea to add crochet edging to a tea towel!
:: and finally this colourful burst of blooms has me inspired to really pick up hook and get back at learning how to do this wonderful skill properly.

I’ve tried to teach myself a few times. Maybe after the show, when I have some down time, I’ll take a class and learn properly. Yes. That’s exactly what I’ll do.

How about you? Have you got any plans or yearnings to learn a new skills or hobby? Do tell me!


granny goodness

Remember these grannies?

Well, I finally made something out of them. It’s not the afghan I had originally envisioned; it’s not even the pillow I had hoped for. Instead, my granny-making steam gave out and I went a little simpler. I turned them into a little something for the holidays that’s *gasp* just around the corner!

granny garland

I strung my little grannies together with some twine and made a colourful little granny garland!

I think I’m going to hang them on the Christmas tree this year, or maybe above the mantle for a little homey festive cheer.

Maybe one day I will power through a granny-making marathon and crochet enough for that afghan, but for now, this simple, happy garland will have to do.

Are you starting to craft for the holidays, yet? What are you making?

i heart fridays: crochet goodness

crochet goodness


Because of my love for yarn, I’m also drawn to all yarn craft. Crocheting has always been a bit of a mystery to me because I could never really follow a pattern. Every time I picked up a crochet instruction book, the terms seemed to be written in another language. So I took up knitting because I got it right away.

However, I’m drawn to the pretty patterns and shapes that crocheting naturally lends itself to. Plus, it works up so much faster than knitting normally does. I’m all for instant gratification! That’s one of the main reasons why I knit baby items (smaller = faster). Well, that plus my two girls, of course!

[image from Attic24 Granny Stripe]

I love Lucy’s choice of colour. It reminds me of summer fruits like watermelon, peaches, plums and apricots!

[image from Resurrection Fern]

I absolutely love the uniqueness of fellow Torontonian Margaret’s crochet covered rocks. The idea of stones mixed with the delicate cotton string — a beautiful balance. There’s a tutorial on the purl bee on her crocheted stones which I want to try one day once I’ve mastered my crocheting technique.

Why I heart these?
I’m automatically drawn to geometric shapes. There’s something about repeated patterns that appeals to me. I think there’s probably something that can be read from this, maybe about my personality or taste. If you know, please comment. I’d love to find out!

Have a happy weekend friends!

grannies continued


It’s been a little while since I crocheted my first granny and you might be wondering how I’ve progressed so far. Well, to be honest, I started off strong, crocheting a little daily initially, but (as expected) a few other projects sidetracked my progress.

I’ve decided to create a pile of them in all different shades of merino wool surrounded by creamy white border. I’m still not sure if I have the energy or inclination to turn these squares into an afghan or simply a colourful pillow (I think a pillow might be more realistic). To date, I have only 8 squares complete, so either way, I’ll need to make a whole lot more!

But I love putting the colours together and watching this little pile of squares grow.

my first granny

learning to crochet

One of my 2010 goals is to learn to crochet. Inspired by some creative and colourful crocheted pillows and a soon-to-be afghan I’ve seen recently, I decided to finally take a stab at making a granny square. With the help of this step-by-step tutorial, I made my first granny!

So far, I’ve gone through Pip’s lessons 1-8. After making up a couple more squares, I’ll take lesson 9 and 10 to learn how to sew in the ends and join the squares together. But right now, it’s slow going. The hardest thing I’m struggling with right now is mastering the hold on the yarn so the tension is right and the yarn doesn’t get too loose. I think once I figure that out, the whole process would be a lot smoother.

I can’t say I can actually crochet yet since I only know how to make this simple granny. I’ve looked at a few crochet patterns and they are gibberish to me. I can’t seem to make sense of the instructions or the abbreviations. So for now, I’ll stick to making this simple granny and hopefully join them together to make a nice pillow or blanket  — if I’m ambitious enough! Wish me luck!