Halloween round up with the girls. Besides Christmas, this is my next favourite Hallmark holiday! It’s especially wonderful to re-live the experience every year with my girls.


This year, I put my crafty carving skills to work on their favourite character’s from Disney’s Frozen – Elsa and Olaf.


While she put her creative decorating skills to work on this giant pumpkin!


While we transformed the front yard into an extra spooky graveyard. My hope is to build upon the graveyard each year and expand it until it covers the entire front lawn one Halloween night!

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween this past weekend!

Now, hello November!


crafty collaboration

knithappens3I had the pleasure to meet a beautiful person in spirit and creativity last Fall at the Handmade Market and we’ve been fortunate to keep in touch and talk crafty pursuits over the last few months. Rovena of Handmades by Rovena is so witty! Her cards are stylish and smart and her creative science themed cards appeals to the nerd in all of us. We have a lot in common, both with science backgrounds and all!

As a result, we collaborated on a card together. What happens when a knitter and paper lover get together – well KNIT HAPPENS – that’s what!

knithappens2 knithappens1We debuted our joint card at a craft show yesterday (more on that later with photos or visit my facebook page for an early look) and the cards are now available on my shop online.

And there’s more exciting things to come from the two of us! I can’t wait to share!


Just as it happens in the music industry, when two singers come together to create a song, it happens in crafts, too. I’m super excited about some upcoming new projects this spring, including a fun collaboration with Handmades by Rovena, whom I met at last year’s Handmade Market.


I’m a big paper goods fan. I love notebooks, pretty cards and unique stationary. So, naturally a combination of wool + paper would spark my interest, right? Rovena and I spent a morning crafting up some cool cards that combined both of our skills.

Some of our work in progress…

collabo3 collabo1I can’t wait to show you the final product of our collaboration!

sew sweetly

sew_twg9First knitting, now sewing, my girl is picking up new skills in arts and crafts, to my delight! We attended a fun lesson with the sweet Darcy at Tea with Gladys.

The girls made their very own darling little tote bags – on a sewing machine no less! Impressed? I certainly was. And I was delighted to see how simple it was that I even have the urge to haul out my mom’s machine again and have a go at it!

sew_twg11 sew_twg7Afterwards, the girls had fun shopping and embellishing their creations with buttons and pins!

sew_twg6 sew_twg1Thanks Darcy for a fun afternoon! xoxo

making the most of the day

This is how we make the most out of a sick day…

yarn3 yarn1 yarn2Spending the morning winding up skeins of yarn. Playing with fiber is the best kind of medicine, in my book!

sickdayLittle L made me a gingerbread girl — very proud of her creation. And yes, don’t judge but we have a ton of Christmas crafts still lying around in the house and Easter is just around the corner!

scrapbooking with kids 101

I used to do a lot of scrapbooking but recently I’ve been storing most of my photos on the computer and I’ve been too lazy to get them printed out and arranging them in an album. For the most part, this blog has served as my photo album and journal.

However, with our trip to Punta Cana, I thought it would be a fun activity to let the girls put together a scrapbook of our trip. So I picked up an album and scrapbook kit complete with a beach themed paper, stickers and decorations and laid it out for them to tackle.

Top 3 things I learned:

1. Let the kids pick out 2 or 3 photos for their page. Then, if I arranged the photos on the page, it’s easier for them to decorate around them!

2. Sticker decorations are the simplest way for kids to pull it all together!

3. Letter and number stickers and chip board decorations are great ways to teach spelling and reading. Easily identified words like “sun” and their names are great starters!

By the way, yes, these photos were taken in their new soon-to-be-ready playroom. There’s still a few finishing touches to be made, but it’s slowly taking shape. I’m so happy with it and excited to share with you soon!

in stitches

Recently I’ve been admiring both the simplicity and detail in hand embroidered art. I especially love the look of stitches on linen. In my teens, I used to enjoy cross stitching and a little embroidery as well, but I never perfected that craft as much. These days, I want to get back into this art.

I’m especially inspired by some of these projects that I’ve spied in the blogsphere, like…

:: Melissa‘s stitched numbered art project — so simple and perhaps a great way to remember a special birthday or anniversary.
:: Elise‘s embroidered photo tutorial — love the colourful embellishment!
:: Meredith‘s embroidery hoop brooch display — a fun way to turn function into art!

What do you think? Are you a fan of embroidery too? What would you make? I’d love to hear your ideas and maybe I’ll try it out!