in the pot


The story behind the name of my brand (my design persona and shop) Flowerpot Designs, really started when I was a teen and I enjoyed making crafts and in particular, handmade cards. I used to play with designing my own logo and thought it was appropriate to have a reference to flowers because of my name. It stuck with me through the years as I explored various artist outlets, and I’m still partial to the brand. I have been using FPD a lot lately in reference to it, so perhaps it’s time for a re-brand soon.


I’ve never had anything overly floral  or flower pots, per se, as part of product lineup, however, if you’re a Facebook or Instagram follower of mine, you may have already seen my series of hand knit cacti already. I suppose it’s about time I put something in a pot, after all! cactus2

I’m so in love with these and I’m having a blast whipping up a bunch of these for the Arts Market and upcoming holiday markets, too!


nothing wasted

heart_brooch2Because I love fiber, I find it very difficult to toss it away, even the little trimmings from the ends that are woven in. I collect them up and put them in a jar – waiting for another use.

Like these knitted heart pins. Except for the pin backs, they are made completely from wool, including the yarn scraps as stuffing!

heart_brooch3Sometimes I look at the jar and I remember the projects that I made with a particular yarn. Lovely thought.

heart broochHow about you? Do you throw away your scraps (whether they are fiber or fabric or something else) Or do you reuse and re-purpose them?

By the way, these lovely brooches are available online, at the Arts Market or at Tea With Gladys.

{shop} end of winter sale

winter_saleWe’re ready for spring weather and spring knits! So to make room at my stall at the Arts Market, starting tomorrow (Sunday, March 24) winter woolies will be on sale! This includes all in-stock cowls, hats and headbands. Look for some incredible $20 goodies, too, in my sale basket!

If you want a head start, go online and save 25% off your purchase now!

Who’s ready for spring?!

{shop} what’s new

hand knit bow necklacesI’ve been working on some new items for the shop and The Arts Market, thinking about spring and moving away from heavy wool and expanding my fun and playful bows into necklaces, rings and brooches.

So I’ve been playing with some ideas for displaying these creations. Here’s a peek at what I’ve been working on.

jewelbox_set1 jewelbox_set3 This Thursday is also the first day of the knitting class I’m teaching. I’m super excited!

There’s also lots of other news I’m excited to share about my little knitty adventures. Can’t wait to tell you all about it! Stay tuned!

jewelbox_set2It’s a long weekend here, so we’re out and about and being lazy all at the same time. Got a dumping of the white stuff last night and we’re looking forward to jumping in it!

Happy weekend, friends!

shop keeping

artsmarket_dec2 This week I popped into The Arts Market to restock and ended up with a new cowl display. Rather than the ladder, I replaced my cowls on hooks. I’m digging the new more versatile set up.artsmarket_dec1

Check out how it’s changed since my first day 3 months ago! I can’t believe I’ve been there for 3 months already. I’m loving having this fun little space of my ow.n where I can decorate, create and plan for. If you’re in Toronto, go check it out at 1114 Queen Street East.

By the way, I’m only 7 away from reach 100 likes on my Facebook page. Go check it out and like my page. I’m going to have a giveaway when I reach 100!

sunday knitting

It’s a cold and raining Sunday afternoon, and I’m spending it curled up beside my girls, knitting, and watching Alvin & the Chipmunks!

I’m working on a new series of simple hats for the shop and The Arts Market for next week. Just in time for Leslieville Wanderlust!

I love the colour block fashion trend right now and I thought it would be cool worked up as a beanie. This is my sample knit. After I finished it, I realized I chose grey combo again! It’s funny how drawn I am to those colours! Stay tuned, I can’t wait to show you the other colour combos!

my new shop buddy

One of the reasons why being part of The Arts Market is so much fun is because I get to personalize and merchandise my space on a regular basis! (it’s one of the reasons why I do craft shows – the opportunity to set up a display – I love!) I could do this all day long!

I added this lovely “lady” to my shop last week and I’ll be bringing her along as my “assistant” to upcoming shows. Can’t wait!