about me

I make things with yarn.

I’ve been a maker since a little girl. I was a shy kid, and crafts always drew me in. Something about transforming one thing into something entirely different captivated me.

I’ve been knitting for 10 years – almost entirely self-taught. My passion started when I was pregnant with my first born and a desire to make something for her that I could work on while she was in the womb. My first hand knit blanket for her was born, and then she, too, was born.

Now as a wife and a mother of 2 passionate and curious girls, this space is my place to express my adventures as a mom, an artist and a fiber lover. I make things with yarn that are functional yet modern for families like mine. Everything that leaves the door comes off my needles. Each piece is hand made, hand loved and hand packaged.


Want to chat? Send me an email at flowerpot.designs [at] gmail [dot] com.


7 thoughts on “about me

  1. Hello,
    we met at craftstock last weekend and i was the girl who was crazy about your green fingerless gloves (which obviously sold) i would love to get a pair! And perhaps a matching scarf and hat!!! Your stuff is GREAT!

  2. Hello, I saw your booth at the CBC Craft Show and I was looking for the long fingerless gloves. You only had the brown pair left and I really wanted a black pair. You were actually knitting a pair while we were speaking and they were grey with small hints of black. These would be fine with me as the colour goes with everything that I have. So I would basically like to order a pair of the longer gloves. Please get back to me and let me know when you will be able to make the gloves and when we can meet. Thanks very much. Looking forward to the gloves!

  3. Hello!
    I posted about summer classes I’ll be offering for children at a local Gallery School. I’m new at this so I was surprised to see a link at the end of my post about sewing. I followed it to your post last summer when you were taking a sewing class.
    Cool! How did it go?
    This is a sweet blog. Cute little girl.

  4. Hi there … i stubbled upon your blog and LOVE your ideas …. also, I just bought a house and my kitchen looks identical your before picture. do you have any more before’s ?? I love what you’ve done!!! I ‘d love to open mine up like that. ~ Amy.

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  6. Hello! Thank you for sharing your slouchy beehive hat pattern for free. It is adorable. I am wondering if you will have anything current in your Etsy shop soon. Your patterns are adorable, as is your site.

    Thanks, Jo crookedneedles.net

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