handspun fiber love

I broke out my spindle from the closet this past weekend and tried to refresh my novice spinning techniques. The result, a small skein of hundspun merino and silk yarn.

It’s only about 10 metres of yarn, and I’m still practicing so there’s a few more tightly wound strands in the mix. But I love the cotton candy pink colour and the softness of merino and silk blend.

What do you think?
Do you spin? Any tips for a beginner?


5 thoughts on “handspun

  1. It’s so pretty and fluffy! Oh my! I’ve just started spinning, and I’m on I think my third roving from Three Waters Farm. My tip is just have fun with it. It takes practice to get used to evening things out (unless you’re going for art yarn, which I like to call my first handspun because of all the huge chunks followed by super thin threads).

  2. That is great! As a beginner myself my tips would be (1) practice (2) practice a lot more (3) watch a lot of YouTube videos to learn new techniques and most important (4) have fun!

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