cupcakes + tea with gladys

twg3One of the things that I love most about the artisan community is meeting so many wonderful and talent and ambitious people. Crafters and entrepreneurs – each one of the people I meet inspire and lift me up in different ways.

I met Darcy 3 years ago when she purchased a bow from me at a local craft show. Our paths crossed again when she was the art party director for my K’s 5th birthday party. And yet again last Christmas when we were both vendors at a show, where I learned she was stepping out on her own and opening up an artisan’s boutique and children’s art & tea party studio. How brave and thrilling, right?!

teawithgladystea with gladys officially opened on Wednesday, carrying some knitted goodies, including my sweet bows that initially introduced us!

Go check her out @114 Lakeshore Road West, Oakville, Ontario. Her shop is filled with local and handmade items for adults and kids, a little bit of vintage, and a whole lot of sweet!

twg1I knitted these darling little cupcakes for her because what’s tea without cupcakes, right?


4 thoughts on “cupcakes + tea with gladys

  1. Lovely knitted cakes! Strangely, what I’m loving most about this post is the piles of snow on the pavements outside the shop – I love the way that blogging lets you see how life is going on in different parts of the world. Have a good week! Judy.

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