welcome October

Welcoming a new month of pumpkins, spice and everything nice about Fall. I can’t believe it’s October already.

Here’s a collection of Fall inspirations I put together to celebrate October in Canada!

A number of good things are happening around here, too. Mostly around knitting. Like knitting for Fall (the girls are in need of new hats this year as they seem to be growing — silly how kids do that, right?) and preparing for upcoming shows (I’ll have a post on these later but I’m excited about my November and December lineups!)

If you’re on Facebook, come join the conversation with me there. I’m planning lots of sneak peeks at what I’m doing and what is inspiring me over there. I’m finding it so much easier to post on FB (it only takes a few moments) than here in this blog these days. Although I don’t think I’ll move away from blogging entirely, I do feel that Facebook and Pinterest are good outlets to still stay connected but in quicker doses!

Some loves and links…

:: sweet knits for Halloween!
:: sweet fun for little girls!
:: cool stitching for little boys!

Happy week, friends!


2 thoughts on “welcome October

  1. Definitely agree with you regarding Facebook and Pinterest. I don’t want to abandon my blog since I feel it is more personal, but it’s hard to keep up.

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