stocking up

My favourite knit projects have always been cowls and fingerless gloves. At the show, these were my most popular items. This time, however, I also knit up a collection of cowls and fingerless gloves for the littles. They were a huge hit!

As with most of my knits, my girls were the inspiration. When K started going to school, neckwarmers were the best idea because scarves were a hassle and a hazard. So my kids cowl was born.

When my girls saw me knitting so many pairs of fingerless gloves for the shop, they asked me to make them a pair, too. So my little fingers pattern was born.

Both got a lot of questions and attention at the show so I’ve decided to stock them at The Arts Market.

Good things come from little people, don’t they?

How about you? Where do you draw inspiration and ideas from? Please share! I’d love to hear!

By the way, if you haven’t noticed, I’m partial to shades of blue as can be seen; I love to knit with variations of blue yarn!


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