{in my basket} bee’s knees

I was sorting through some of my yarn today, trying to put some order into my work-in-progress studio set up, and I found this incomplete project still on it’s needles which I neither completed nor shared.

I remember when I first saw this pattern in the Winter 2011 issue of Petite Purls, I immediately wanted to try it out. The thing is, colourwork, though I love it, is very time consuming for me. Even this simple honeycomb pattern using only 3 colours, was a bit of a drag. So I never finished it.

But I can’t rip it out either. Perhaps after all the September shows, I’ll find a little time to work on it again. Until then, it’s still in my basket.

How about you? Do you have a project, whether a knitting or craft project that was started with such enthusiasm and lost a bit of steam? What will you do; do you have plans to finish it or recycle it?

P.S. I was happy to discover that I’m the featured artist today over on the Handmade Market site. If you’re local, come visit me. Details on my Events page.


One thought on “{in my basket} bee’s knees

  1. I can’t really leave things unfinished… I always seem to need the needles for another project! Sometimes it’s really tough to keep knitting on something that’s boring, but I bring it with me when I have to go somewhere for a long car ride or am otherwise “stuck” with nothing to do. Then, all of a sudden, it’s done!

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