It was after I read Tanis’ blog post about note-taking and journals that I realized I wasn’t alone in my habit of writing out my thoughts, planning my activities and knitting projects on paper. When the use of computers is practically second nature to most — heck I’m a blogger, too — however, I tend to write my ideas and notes on paper.

I also have a number of different notebooks, devoted to different activities. From left to right:

:: a dotted notebook holds my knitting pattern and design notes. The grid pattern formed by the dots is wonderful for plotting out pattern repeats and charting.

:: a spiral-bound lined notebook — picked up for $1.25 at local dollar store — is my go-to book for my shop and tradeshow business notes.

:: and a floral hardcover-bound book is my current blog content planner. I plan my weekly posts here, and joint down ideas for future content.

So, there you have it. I’m old-fashioned after-all!

How about you? Do you use notebooks or computers for note-taking or list-making? Do you have one notebook or many? What are your favourites?


2 thoughts on “noted

  1. Putting pen (or pencil) to paper never gets old! I’m an old-fashioned gal, too, and have loads of journals for different parts of my life.

  2. I’m the same! I do use online to-do lists and things like Evernote to help with keeping myself organised, but I never fail to come back to notebooks, and tend to have at least 3 in use at any one time :-)

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