I thrilled to say that I’m officially joining The Arts Market in Leslieville next month with my very own mini retail shop!

Over the next two weeks I get to prepare my space — everything from painting the walls to staging my display to setting up shop. And I’ll share the entire process with you!

This will be my first retail experience and I’m hoping to learn so much more about what is appealing to customers and how I can evolve my craft than what I could accomplish over one or two days at a show.

So this is my big news. Nice, huh?


5 thoughts on “announcement

  1. Not just nice, this is awesome news! Wish I lived close enough to help but i’m there in spirit! Have fun as you plan and prepare.

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  3. Congratulations!! Very exciting news! I am looking at your photos on your sidebar here while I type this comment. Your little girls are so darling. I love their expressions…:) How wonderful that you have the perfect models for your beautiful creations!!


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