in stitches

Recently I’ve been admiring both the simplicity and detail in hand embroidered art. I especially love the look of stitches on linen. In my teens, I used to enjoy cross stitching and a little embroidery as well, but I never perfected that craft as much. These days, I want to get back into this art.

I’m especially inspired by some of these projects that I’ve spied in the blogsphere, like…

:: Melissa‘s stitched numbered art project — so simple and perhaps a great way to remember a special birthday or anniversary.
:: Elise‘s embroidered photo tutorial — love the colourful embellishment!
:: Meredith‘s embroidery hoop brooch display — a fun way to turn function into art!

What do you think? Are you a fan of embroidery too? What would you make? I’d love to hear your ideas and maybe I’ll try it out!


2 thoughts on “in stitches

  1. That’s amazing! I’ve been browsing around a lot at embroidered pieces, too. I’ve never properly done it but I find it fascinating. Hmmm, maybe yet another challenge to myself?

  2. Gorgeous display!! I do love the look of embroidery. I just think I’m to clumsy to do it without pricking my fingers somehow, lol! But one of my old painting teachers embroidery even paintings from time to time. Just beautiful!

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