After blogging about how much I love the colour grey just last week, what shows up in my mail box today, but this yummy skein of smokey goodness!

This is my July package from TFA colour club, and honestly it’s my most favourite of them all yet. What’s not to love? A cashmere (yes soft cashmere) wool blend in the most beautiful foil colour; a pattern to love by Jared Flood — the latest issue of Wool People is filled with so many must-knits for me! — and a surprise TFA tape measure, perfect addition in my new go-everywhere pouch!


(Sorry to my non-knitting friends… you won’t really understand, but I would be happy to teach any of you to knit just to share the experience!)


3 thoughts on “smoke

  1. I arrived home last night (after a very tiring day) to find my TFA skein in my mailbox, and I spent a lot of time petting it last night! LOL. It’s my favorite one so far this year, too!

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