playroom pins

After posting about my plans to set up a playroom for the girls during my week off, I’ve made headway, but haven’t completed the task. So no reveal yet… so instead, I wanted to share my pins and my inspirations for the room.

Some ideas shared on my pinboard and other bookmarks include:

:: a children’s art gallery – rotating photos so we can change it up whenever the season or interest fades
:: a flag banner – either hand knit like this but in bright cheerful colours, or crochet flowers and stars like these.
:: a colourful rag rug
:: a play kitchen & grocery store corner
:: a reading nook
:: a central art table and chairs (I really love this yarn wrapped chair idea and this taped table top idea)
:: an alphabet wall composed of found, vintage and handmade letters. This I will construct over time as it will take some time to collect all 26 letters. If you look closely at one of the pins, using an old school ruler for the letter “I” – absolutely. love. this!

How about you? What are your secrets and tips for shared space with kids?


7 thoughts on “playroom pins

  1. I love all of your ideas for the playroom. My sister gave our middle daughter a (pink) framed alphabet as a gift when she was a young girl. All of our girls loved it! A play kitchen always brought all of our three daughters hours of JOY…:)
    I had an idea I found from a magazine for a window bench seat, with two built-in desks (with shelves above the desks) on each side of the window, that I had my husband construct for our two youngest daughters. They used it all of their growing up years for reading, doing artwork and homework. I do really think the wood alphabet idea is darling! Your girls would love helping to collect them all…:) A good memory maker!

    Happy week to you!

    • Gloria, I love your idea of a window bench and desk combo! I love window seating. I’ve always wanted one, but somehow, have not managed to find a good spot for one in our current home. If only…

  2. I cannot wait to see what you create! We once had a house with the main portion was dedicated to play, while on the side was a little crafty area for me. That worked really well. In fact, I wish I still had that set up!

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