cone yarn

It was the grey tones that drew me in. Aren’t they lovely — soft and calm.

I have a love affair with all shades of grey. In any season, I love the look of grey paired with a splash of colour.

I’ve never knit with cone yarn but the cost was so attractive, I just had to try. I picked up both of these for $14, which equates to over 2 pounds of wool. The weight is very light. I think two strands held together would equate to lace weight, so I’m going to try 4 strands together for a DK for a project that I have in mind for these cones. But first I have to finish my other projects before I start another one — I promised myself this!

Do you have a colour that you are always drawn to? Maybe your closet is full evidence of this, too!

And to my knitting friends, have you knitted with cone yarn before? What are your thoughts and experiences?

Happy weekend friends!


2 thoughts on “cone yarn

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