future blogger?

K’s last day of school was last week and her teacher gave to me, her collection of in-class journals. Of all the things that she brings home, these little books are the treasures. They give me a bit more insight into the thoughts and desires of the little girl my baby is growing up to be. I love her.

By the way, in the second last photo: “Me and mom are going to the ice cream store“. For those that don’t know, I drive a dark grey Rav 4 SUV. Talented girl.


4 thoughts on “future blogger?

  1. I work in a grade 2 class and I love the journal stories that the kids write ( and I have kept all of my kid’s journals too) They are all so sweet.

  2. These little journals were always my favorite items to come home at the end of the school year. My kids are too old to make these (at school) any longer but I will cherish the ones I have forever. Little K is a true talent!

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