local treasure

This past weekend, while heading out early Saturday morning in search of buttery pastries to bring for a brunch date with some good friends I don’t see very often, I noticed some signs directing to an arts and craft show not far from my house (literally, it was at the end of the major street that I live off) by the park by the lake.

I was a bit surprised to see the signs, knowing very well that where they directed to was a residential area surrounded by the park.  So I decided to follow them to see what was this surprise art show was all about.

To my surprise and delight it was a show organized by a handful (maybe 10 or so) local artisans set up on the property of one of the cutest, most cottage-looking, aqua-coloured homes in the neighbourhood. It was quite charming. It was a fantastic setting for the cute little show, filled with art of all kinds, pottery, silver jewellery, and even a fibre artist who created the most beautiful woven table linens and tea towels.

It was such a pleasure to discover a cozy show like that in such a setting and practically outside my front door! I didn’t make any purchases, as I spent my shopping budget on Friday, but I did get a chance to talk to some of the local artisans and get my crafty inspiration for the day!


One thought on “local treasure

  1. Love this! It’s so nice to know that we have artisans and crafters in our communities everywhere! So clever that they got together to put up this show.

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