little ballerina

Coming close to the end of the school year (already!) also means for K closer to her ballet recital. She’s been looking forward to performance day because each week her class spends more time practicing the routine.

Last weekend was picture day and my girl got all dolled up (make-up and all) for her turn in front of the camera.

Not to be outdone, L also proved she was dance-worthy by showing us some moves of her own. Next year, this little one is going to tear up the stage, I bet!


5 thoughts on “little ballerina

  1. My daughter started her ballet lessons young and it has only helped her grow into a poised and confident young woman. Nurture that dancer in K … she’s a natural!

  2. You captured some sweet, memorable photos here. I hope she has a wonderful recital. These are the most precious and fun moments in life. Enjoy, and you should be so proud of your smart, and beautiful girls!!

    Happy weekend!

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