the little one

There’s many days where I want the moments to freeze. Time passes so quickly, it seems, and another year is gone and my babies are another year older.

This little one is something else. Her use of sentences amazes me. She’s much more ahead than K was at this age with her sentence structure and pronunciation. I guess having K to model after has really helped.

She’s also full of mischief and sass. She’s an attention grabber. She jumps higher and further than the other kids in the parent & tot gymnastics class — and maybe even her big sister. This girl is fearless.

Lately she has taken to choosing her outfits herself. It’s always bright colours and dresses. I remember K going through this stage, too (she still does). Both my girls are girly-girls. They love dresses and sparkles and necklaces.

I don’t want them to ever grow up.


2 thoughts on “the little one

  1. What a sweetie pie she is! Adorable photos. Our granddaughter Zoe LOVES bright and colorful outfits too. They fit her personality! :)


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