back in time

Last weekend hubby and I finally went back to our University for a stroll around campus with the girls. K thought it was hilarious that we went to school here. I’m not sure why, it was just a funny day for her. L loved the freedom of running around the open pathways and corridors.

For hubby and I, it was a weird experience — seeing the old lecture halls we spent so many hours in, mixed in with the sleek, modern designs of the new buildings that have gone up around them. Our campus has changed so much since we went to school there. The professional pool and state-of-the-art gymnasium blew me away!

The new lecture halls had individual outlets for laptops and padded chairs. But the coolest thing we saw were three deer, running across campus. We were all in awe. It was a lot of fun to step back in time for a little nostalgia.

Pretty neat, right?


2 thoughts on “back in time

  1. What a nice way to spend a day. I bet you and hubby wish those additions had been built when you were students!

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