show talk

Last weekend I tried my first spring show. I met some really great people, and it was fun. Thanks to my friends who stopped by to visit and bring me food!

I enjoyed the challenge of coming up with a few items, like knit hair clips and hair bands and mug cozies, that I think would work year-round and craft show buyers.  These will end up in the shop over the next couple of weeks, I think. Also complementing the cowls and fingerless gloves that I, personally wear all the time, in these sometimes-cool-sometimes-warm Spring months.

I also enjoyed putting together my booth display. I really wanted to create a warm, homey and vintage-inspired presence with my space. I re-used bed linens for my table covers and old suitcases to carry my items to the show and then used them as display pieces. I used items from around my house, like K’s art easel for signage. I really felt it was my best display design I’ve put together thus far.

And although the show had a lot of lookers and few buyers, I learned a lot that will help me for future exhibits. Lots of learning for sure!


4 thoughts on “show talk

  1. I’ve been waiting for this post! Congratulations on putting up such a pretty booth and surviving the show. I’m sure all craft shows have more lookers than buyers but maybe those who saw your hand-knits and didn’t buy will visit your virtual shop and buy later!

  2. I hope that you did very well at the show!! I have always wanted to sell something at a craft show. It is on my bucket list. You may be inspiring me…:)

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