easter dining

If you know me, you also know me as a fan of Food Network Canada and one of my favourite current shows on the network is Eat St which features food carts and stalls from across the United States (though a few Canadian spots are featured occasionally).

So on Easter Sunday, where did we end up? Well, at Easterbrooks hot dog “stand” (naturally). So far, it’s the only place I’ve experienced that comes close to the reality of the American food mobile food craze that I’m in awe of.

So what did I think of Easterbrooks? Overall the atmosphere was spot on — it had the authentic feel of a restaurant dive, the history of an establishment opened by one of the town’s founding families, and the celebrity draw, complete with the photos and autographs of famous Canadians who’ve passed through.

Although, the menu was vast and so interesting (pizza dog and nacho dogs — really!), I thought the hot dogs could have been prepared better — grilled rather than boiled, for starters.

But overall, our family enjoyed the outing and sitting atop the stools at the red counter. A first for both of the girls! What fun!


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