Besides birthday parties, gymnastics and closet organization shopping, our weekend also included a little admiration of spring in our backyard.

The girls couldn’t resist bringing a bit of spring indoors.

Some things I’m loving these days:

:: Maaike’s mood board captures Spring so beautifully.
:: the pattern on these hand knit socks also sing Spring to me.
:: a grocery store themed party that doubles perfectly for playroom too! What a neat idea!
:: a smart no-sew diy bunting – so simple and quick. I love it!

What is inspiring to you this week?



5 thoughts on “weekending

  1. Loving those first signs on spring ;)
    except for those poor magnolias that came up too early and turned brown half way through their blooming cycle…. ;(
    What sweet flowers for mom your girls brought ;D
    :: spring cleaning is inspiring me this week – but not with a smile on my face
    that and sqeezing in a good work out ;)

  2. Beautiful blooms! I love how the children love the blooms….so sweet…:)
    Cross-stitching, sewing, painting…packing for a trip is inspiring me this week.

    Happy Easter to you!

  3. thank you very much for including my mood board in your selection of inspiring things! I am very honored.

    xx Maaike

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