her photos

I gave my camera to K one day to take some photos around the house and this is what she captured.

She’s so proud of her own handmade. I’m so proud of her.


3 thoughts on “her photos

  1. Aww, so cute! Mine love to do that too with my phone and they’re so proud! Video is a whole other issue though. My son kept taping his mouth speaking rather than showing the things he was talking about.

  2. Awe…cute! Going to be just like her mamma! Very sweet…:)

    My granddaughter Zoe loves art. I can imagine these would be similiar to her camera shots.

    Happy week to you…wishing you oodles of blessings!

  3. She is talented just like her Mama. Not a surprise there!

    We give Anna our old camera that is specifically hers because every time I pull out mine she wants it. So I just tell her to get hers. Anyway, there is a bunch of blurry pictures in there, but maybe I should browse through it and see if she captured anything good.

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