since the craft show is fast approaching with less than one month to go, I’ve been keeping later than usual nights to ensure that my new designs are ready and I have enough inventory to try and meet my desired goal.

The booth set-up is a little daunting this time. The largest show I’ve done also means this is the biggest space I’ve set-up yet. I have the ideas in my head but hoping they translate well in reality. One week before, I think my living room might turn into a mock booth. Now how to keep the kiddos from tearing it apart…that’s another thought for another night.


3 thoughts on “making

  1. So exciting. You have such a good eye that I’m sure it will be beautiful.
    I definitely see flowerpots! ;D

    – let me know if you need a helping hand.
    I’ll try to get the photos to you soon – been swamped but this is next on my to do list.

  2. Awwww! I love the labels! So cute and tiny. What a nice touch! That whole bringing something into reality sounds really challenging. But, I’m sure you will pull it off. Everything you’ve posted on this site is just wonderful!

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