book worms

My girl and I have been visiting the library more often lately. We’re finding it a great outing on weekends during L’s nap time, to get out of the house, spend some quiet time together, and bring back some reading for bedtime. Reading at the end of the day is something I’ve been doing with the girls since they were born. Cuddled up in bed, reading aloud is a great, relaxing end to our busy days, I find.

I’ve also started borrowing craft and knitting books from the library – opening up a whole avenue of potential. I have to admit, I actually have a large collection of my own favourite craft and knitting books, and I’ve been reluctant to purchase more, but discovering the library as a source of creative inspiration…well, that’s pretty exciting stuff for me!

Look at the wonderful array of patterns and inspiration I found in just one afternoon of simple library browsing. I’ve been recently drawn to simple textured patterns that can be found on knitted pillowcases and washcloths, and colourful mittens (even though we’re having spring-summer-like weather here all week!) Maybe I should stock up for next winter!


3 thoughts on “book worms

  1. We’ve been visiting our local library more often too. I never thought about using that time to spend with just one of my three boys, but that sounds like a really great idea. Bonding over books: I’ll have to try it!

  2. I love our local library and have made it a regular practice to visit often. We are real book hoarders but there comes a point when enough is enough so my library card is hot with use! Great patterns you’ve discovered … I especially like the striped pillow.

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