look inside my knitting bag

I’ve always enjoyed other blog posts who show the contents of their purse or wallets or other personal carry-alls. It’s so interesting to me to see what others carry in their bags and compare. Are you the same?

So, I thought I’d share what was in my knitting bag. For those of you who are fiber lovers like me, there’s nothing new or fancy here, but just a few essentials that I carry around with me, especially now that I knit in public more often.

:: my bag of choice these days is a heavy canvas tote I picked up at Chapters for $10. It has a zipper closure and inside pocket to hold change for my next cup of coffee
:: my first design cowl. This grey ribbed cowl was the sample I first knit that started my shop for hand knit accessories. I still wear it almost daily every winter and at each holiday show I exhibit at. It’s my show piece. It has a lot of sentimental value to me.
:: I always have a notebook with me to jot down pattern notes or to keep count of my rows. I have a slight obsession with pretty notebooks and gel ink pens.
:: my latest knitting project. At the moment, I’m working on restocking these lovelies from my shop. Have you noticed that I’m drawn to the colour grey?
:: zipper case from here. Roomy enough to hold all my notions and more. I love the bright pop of colour.
:: a detailed look inside that orange pouch to find: a calculator for important knitters math (a relic from my high school days), box full of stitch markers, row counters, and darning needles, tape measure (borrowed and never returned from my mom’s sewing basket when I was a teenager probably), scissors, cable needle and my favourite 4.5mm bamboo double-point needles.

How about you? Care to share what’s in your bag or purse?


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