One of the reasons why legwarmers are one of my favourite knits…

I can’t stop making them for my little ballerina.

Her careful and watchful nature makes her a technical student. She’s the littlest (in height not age) in class, but she listens to instruction well and is very studious, so as a result her techniques are very good. Plus, she’s a darn cute ballerina — but I’m a little biased!


4 thoughts on “ballerina

  1. Awww soo much love in the things you make, the things you knit, it requires a darn cute mommy to make leg warmers for her precious ballerina,

  2. My daughter has been taking dance classes since she was 7 (she is now 13) and there is a lot to be said for the joy in movement! Your little one definitely displays that BIG TIME. Love the leg warmers — too cute.

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