in my basket: pink + warm + fuzzy

One of our stops yesterday included the yarn shop, Romni Wools where I picked up a skein of pink wool (Cascade 220 – can’t go wrong with this stuff) + two skeins of Rowan kid silk mohair. I cast on this morning for a pair of legwarmers, this time for the girls’ little cousin.

I have a love-hate relationship with Romni (that is if you can love-hate a physical store). I love their selection of yarns and brands, always in stock and in an array of colours. I love their sale basement, where you can find Noro and Debbie Bliss at discount. But I hate the crampedness, the messiness, the dark and mustiness of the store. K was also iffy about venturing into the basement with me. She complain the whole 15 minutes we were down there how crowded it was. I have to agree with her. But I was able to pick up those two beautiful skeins of kid mohair for under $8.

I can’t hate that.


4 thoughts on “in my basket: pink + warm + fuzzy

  1. The most impressive thing is that you and K were able to overcome the displeasure of being in that cramped space and come out with such beautiful yarn! Happy knitting.

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