his photos

Hubby has been taking a photography class one night per week for the past few weeks. Last week his class hit Kensington Market for an outing. Pretty cool if you ask me, but I’m a little biased. My favourite of his shots is the last one.

Class “field trips” outdoors coupled with fingers exposed while taking pictures, has lead hubby to ask me to knit a pair of fingerless gloves for him. FIRST. TIME. EVER. For a knitter, this is one of the highest compliments ever — to have her man request and wear a hand knit item. Made my day. I’m casting on these immediately!


8 thoughts on “his photos

  1. His photos are superb…I recognize a lot of these from kensington. It’s a great place to get some really interesting shots. Hope you’re doing well. Love your new girls hair clips. Wish I had some girls to purchase some for but we’re a boys dominated family. Have a great day! Jane.

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