knitting in public

For a long time, I knitted exclusively in the sheltered comforts of my house, away from curious stares, away from from judgements like, isn’t knitting for little old ladies? More recently, I’ve been taking my projects outside the four wall of my family room and into public domain. And I like it.

Some of the places I’ve knitted:

:: while waiting at various gyms, swimming pools, art and dance classes for my girls
:: in the car (as the passenger)
:: on the plane
:: on the train
:: on the beach

Actually, during K’s dance class, my knitting while I wait has actually turned into teaching two other curious moms how to knit, too. This makes me happy. One of them has actually finished a couple of projects and is starting to build up her own little yarn stash. What have I created! It’s wonderful!

I discovered there’s a Knit in Public Day. Really? How cool is that? I want to branch out and try other places. Some of my KIP goals:

:: knit in a cafe/coffee shop
:: knit at a sporting event
:: knit in a park
:: knit at the movies

How about you? Do you have any hobbies or habits that you guard closely? Want to share?


7 thoughts on “knitting in public

  1. I’ve knitted on the train, but only small projects like fingerless gloves. It was amazing the number of gawps I got (particularly as I was 20 at the time) it was if I didn’t fit into the knitting category. I for one am up for a little bit more knitting in public, and will defo be taking part in the ‘Knit in Public’ day :D
    Two quick questions: (1) Were there any restrictions re knitting on a plane?
    (2) What sort of knitting do you do when you’re out and about?

    • I didn’t have any restrictions with knitting on the plane. they let me bring my needles, but I did leave my small scissors in my checked luggage because I was afraid they would not let me bring those onto the plane.

      Most the of time when knitting in public, I will bring smaller projects, too, like cowls or gloves, like you. Mostly projects that are simple that I don’t need to carry around the pattern with me. Hope that helps! thanks for your comments!

  2. I absolutely LOVE to knit in public. I feel like it gives me an opportunity to get out of the house more, and show people that knitting isn’t just for grannies. I’m you get out and sharing the craft! Keep it up!

  3. I knit in public alot. I work in a courthouse and at lunchtimw I eat a fast lunch and then knit, knit and knit..when my husband and I go somewhere, he drives, I knit. I love to knit.

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