on the way

These little packages are out the door, on their way to you. I’ve been busy working on orders lately, knitting in front of the TV, while I’m watching the girls at gymnastics and dance, while I’m waiting for littlest one to fall asleep (we’ve recently transitioned her from a crib to a bed and I went from have a baby who fell asleep as soon as I shut the door, to a toddler that I have to lay down with and wait for an hour before she’ll let me leave the room!)

Just wanted to share a couple of great diy I’m loving with you this week…

:: awesome diy project: starburst clock made from coffee stir sticks!
:: family fun diy project: chalkboard nesting dolls – what fun!

What are your weekend plans? It’s Chinese New Year this weekend, so there’s going to be lots of food, food, food in our bellies this weekend!

Happy weekend, friends!


One thought on “on the way

  1. A bit late on reading this post, but I hope L is adjusting to her big girl bed. We had to sleep with Anna for a while too when she switched, but now it’s back to drop and leave again.

    By the way, just out of curiosity, are you starting to potty train L? Just want to get your expert advice on when is a good age to start… We tried to put Anna on potty, but she cries and cries.

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