goals update

Progress on my 2012 goals has been good. I’ve made strides (read: started some) and I am working my way up to some, like yoga once per week rather than twice so far.

My playroom and studio dreams have been halted while we deal with some unexpected (read: costly) house repairs over the past couple of weeks. Hopefully next month I can go back to making plans for change in those rooms, and sharing my progress with you here.

These days have been quite busy. Between recent party planning and shuttling the kiddos to various activities, I’ve been working on orders and trying out some new designs for a spring showing. I’m very excited about booking my first spring show. I’m considering this one.

Lots happening… I’m excited!


2 thoughts on “goals update

  1. Life sounds very busy for you. Pretty normal for a mom, always shuttling the kiddos around. It seems to never end…:) I hope your show goes well for you. It sounds exciting!

    Happy week to you!


  2. That’s a bummer about those unexpected and expensive home repairs. You’ve got quite a list going — it sounds like you’ve got a good attitude and approach!

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