goals :: 2012

I’ve noticed that many bloggers (at least the ones I follow regularly) are list makers. This is especially clear at the start of a new year when resolutions and goals setting is very topical.

Myself, I’m actually not a list person. Surprised? Yeah, me too! My unfinished 35 before 35 is truth to this fact. But I have some things that I want to must accomplish this year and writing them down will help me focus on on them. Then I read this post from Jennifer and knew immediately that what I needed to do. Post them at eye level, right in front of me so I saw them everyday as I sat at this computer, writing, surfing, working away.

At the moment, I have 8 goals and I may add a couple more. I’m still thinking some through. Also guiding me through these goals is One Little Word. I’m a big fan of Elise and she inspired me to think about one word that will be my focus for 2012. I picked CHANGE.

I want to change the focus of my life. I want to change how I earn a living. I want to change the way I sometimes behave with my family. I want to change some of the rooms in my house. I want to change the way I eat.

In 2012, I’m looking for a little bit of change.


6 thoughts on “goals :: 2012

  1. Those are all very practical goals and I hope you achieve every one of them! I don’t really have any goals for the year, I just want to be happy and practice more patience with my little ones. Last year I made goals like cook more, learn more about photography, etc and I didn’t get to any of them. Oy.

  2. Wonderful goals! I am list maker, and a note-poster! It does help as a reminder, but sometimes I get use to seeing them up and don’t read it anymore. I think at that point I need to move them to another location! :)

    Your photos in review were great. Looks like you had a wonderful fun-filled year!

    Happy New Year to you and your family!


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