Yesterday I went to a local art show. It was a short evening out (lasted about an hour). Hubby came home early from work, I left him with the kids, and I ran out the door to this place.

It was a small show, about 20 art and craft exhibits. But I did pick up something pretty for me.This pretty vintage fabric, resin and pearl necklace was too sweet not to have. Artist Suzanne had such a wonderful selection of uniquely handmade vintage necklaces and pins.

Just a brief end-of-day-pick-me-up. Happy.


4 thoughts on “pretty

  1. It was lovely meeting you Flora. The necklace looks great! I really think you chose the perfect one.

    You’ve got some wonderful knitwear and super cute kids! : )

    Thanks so much for stopping by and supporting local artists. It’s not a coincidence how so many people that purchase my work are artisans or artists themselves. I defintately believe they understand the love and effort that goes into each piece.

    I will post on my blog tomorrow about you and will link so people can see the photo : ) Thanks again for sharing.

    Take care

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