weekending: leaves & gingerbread

It was a lazy weekend, this one was. Mostly staying close to home. Piling up the leaves outside, and filling up the inside with the wonderful smell of gingerbread in the oven.

Last weekend, during our trip to the lakefront, we stopped off at the library and picked up The Gingerbread Man. On the back cover is a recipe for gingerbread men cookies. I promised the girls we would make them this weekend — well, a promise is a promise.

K decorated them with chocolate chips and sprinkles.

This weekend, I’m finding inspirations in…

:: creating my own custom 2012 owl calendar via My Owl Barn.
:: this simple diy hair accessory discovered via Alli
:: these easy felt coffee cozies just sing easy diy teacher gifts
:: this brilliant and inexpensive way to spruce up plain brass thumbtacks — can’t you just picture them turned into this or this?
:: this felted ball tutorial has me planning my Christmas tree decorations already!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, friends!

By the way, if you’re on Facebook or Pinterest, too, find me there!


2 thoughts on “weekending: leaves & gingerbread

  1. You have a lot of leaves to rake! I’m completely raked out or else I’d offer to help — but it looks like you have two able-bodied assistants there. I just checked out the owl calendar — I’m going to print one out too. Thanks for the link.

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