happy halloween!

Trick-or-treating was a huge success! The girls had a great time! It was darling to see the two of them running down the street, buckets full, yelling “more candy, more candy!” as they went.

They were so good about me layering their costumes over top of their jackets and bundling them in mama’s hand knits (we do live in Canada, after-all) as we raced out the door.

Coming home to trick-or-treat at “daddy’s house” (i.e. returning home where daddy was dishing out the goodies) was even better as they raided the stash at home.

I hope your little ghouls and goblins had as much fun as mine did tonight!


3 thoughts on “happy halloween!

  1. Awe…very cute! Your girls have grown so much. Time really flies. It looks like everyone had a fun, and Happy Halloween….:)

    Have a beautiful Fall season!


  2. There’s such an exciting build-up to Halloween. My kids used to get pumped and want to go way beyond our neighborhood, envisioning more and more candy. Then when we got home they would spread the loot all over the floor and trade. I’m glad your girls had fun. They’ll look back fondly on the memories.

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