She may be little, but this 22-month old is BIG on personality. Everything she does is animated, exaggerated, and oh-so-adorable!

I always want to remember, at this age, she…

:: is passionate about dogs – big or small, real or not
:: speaks full sentences (some of the time) – my favourite of hers “Mommy, I can’t reach…” (she does recognize her limits, doesn’t she?)
:: can point out the letter A (we’re working on the rest of the alphabet!)
:: loves to cuddle – even more so than her big sister – she’ll push you down, crawl into your lap, and just sit there with her sweet little head on your chest. love.
:: loves music, loves to dance
:: doesn’t back down. She’s a tough little one.
:: can scream! Boy, can she scream.
:: and she can throw!

I wish I could freeze these moments forever.


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