finally spun

Over a year ago, I tried to spin my own yarn…remember this?

This week, I finally got around to getting the fiber off the drop spindle, washing, drying and winding it up into a ball of yarn. I’m not exactly sure how much yardage I ended up with. I wonder how people actually measure this without taking a yard stick and stretching the yarn out across the distance. That seems pretty ridiculous!

I am pretty excited that I finally finished this project I had started so long ago. It’s actually got me thinking about trying to spin again. Actually, what I’d like to try my hand with a wheel. I’ve been looking up a couple of classes, and maybe, just maybe, I might find the time to go.

In terms of what I’ll make with this little ball of yarn — I’m not quite sure just yet. I might mix in a thick-thin white wool I have in my stash and turn it into a bulky cowl like this one for Fall. The days have been pretty cool this week, that I think the cool weather may already be here.

I’m checking out the Knitter’s Fair this weekend. It will be my first time experiencing this much talked about yarn and fiber feast in Southern Ontario, so I’m super excited to take it all in! Happy weekend! xoxo


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