next generation knitter

the little knitterThis past while, a new little knitter has been finding her way the needles.

About 2 years ago, I had purchased a pair of short bamboo needles, the perfect length for little fingers, from clearance of an online shop that was closing down. I tucked them away in my closet until the day one of my little ones asked me to show her how to knit.

I was surprised that day came sooner than I thought it would. I expected it to happen at age 8 or maybe even 6 if I was lucky, but my darling K (age 4) surprised me in March with the question, “Mommy, can I knit?”

little knitterShe’s actually not close to finishing her little project, which we declared would be a blanket for one of her dolls, but every so often, she’ll pull it out and ask, “show me again to knit.”



2 thoughts on “next generation knitter

  1. What a wonderful craft & artistic memories you are passing down to your daughter! Mother and daughter bonding at it’s best!! Enjoy every moment…:)

    Blessings for a sweet day to you and your family…


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