catching up

I’m doing a lot of catching up these days. It’s been a little crazy since going back to work. My days pretty much consist of waking up sleeping children, getting them ready to go, bringing them home, feeding them and putting them back to bed. I barely spend any time with them. I’m very sad about that; and on weekends we play catch up.

I totally understand how so many parents look for ways to make a living from home so they can have more family time. This is especially the case when there’s more than one child. I found the transition back to work fairly easy with one kid. Now with two little ones, it’s just crazier all the time.

I haven’t even taken any photos lately, so no nice photo to go along with this post. Hopefully I can sort out the photos from L’s first birthday party this week. The cake and cupcakes turned out wonderfully. I love this recipe! It produces the moistest, softest and most chocolatey cake ever! I can’t wait to show you the pics!

Until then, please bear with me. I will try to be back in the space very soon!

P.S. congratulations to Judy of Food and Life for winning my cowl giveaway! I can’t wait to see photos of you in the cowl!


5 thoughts on “catching up

  1. Hi Flora,

    I hope you have time today to take a little break, to be able to sit with your girls and enjoy their company. Sorry it’s so busy for you with returning to work. Saying a prayer that you will have a peaceful day…:)

    XOXO Gloria

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