11 months

happy 11 months!

My dear littlest one, this week you turned 11 months old and I realized that my little baby is not so tiny any more. Your favourite activity is playing copy-cat. You mimic our sounds and our motions. You’re amazing.

And of course, just shy of 11 months, you’re walking. Not a full-on walk, but more of an short-distance toddle. Your big sis didn’t start walking until she was 13 months old. So far, you’re on pace to best her milestones every time. You’re amazing.

Your vocabulary consists of ma-ma, da-da, no-no-no, and nah-nah (which is milk in Chinese). At 11 months old, you’re amazing.

I’m so lucky to be your mama.


7 thoughts on “11 months

  1. awe! what a cutie patootie!!

    flora, i bought the alphabet cups off of etsy. i just looked for you but they seem to not be selling there anymore. i will look online and msg you if i see any.

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