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I’ve been a little sporadic in my blogging of late. Life is moving along at full steam as I prepare to go back to work next month (has it really been almost a year already?), plan birthday parties for my 2 winter babes, and participate in 2 (yes, I know, crazy, but I couldn’t help myself) more holiday shows in the next 3 weeks.

Christmas Marketplace

christmas marketplace

So the next show is a little closer to home. The City of Mississauga hosts an annual Christmas Marketplace in city hall. If you’re close by, stop over for a visit. I’m booth #8.

Mississauga Civic Centre
300 City Centre Drive, The Great Hall
Thursday, November 18, 10am – 7pm

Last week’s show & tell as K called it, was a lot of fun. I met some wonderful people. For a local high school fundraiser, the show attracted a lot of people, with 2 gymnasiums and a cafeteria full of vendors. It was wonderful. And so strange to hear Christmas music playing already.

My dilemma of how to showcase my knits at this type of venue without models or mannequins was solved by using photos from my Etsy shop. I received a lot of comments from shoppers on what a great idea this was. I’m very pleased with how it all came together.

So bear with me as I get through these next very full weeks. I promise to have a bit of fun and some exciting news over here near the end of the month!


5 thoughts on “show & tell

  1. You had to think out-of-the-box and you came up with a solution! Good for you. Pictures work well — and who could resist pictures of your wares on cute little models? I went to one fair and a lady had hats displayed on empty coffee cans. It worked really well.

  2. Hi, Flora! LOVE your idea of photos from your shop for enhancing your show stall. Very exciting all you’ve got going on… fun to catch up with you. I’ve been unwell a bit recently and slow to visit, but on the mend. :o) Wishing all the best in these happy-busy weeks ahead ((HUGS))

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