granny goodness

Remember these grannies?

Well, I finally made something out of them. It’s not the afghan I had originally envisioned; it’s not even the pillow I had hoped for. Instead, my granny-making steam gave out and I went a little simpler. I turned them into a little something for the holidays that’s *gasp* just around the corner!

granny garland

I strung my little grannies together with some twine and made a colourful little granny garland!

I think I’m going to hang them on the Christmas tree this year, or maybe above the mantle for a little homey festive cheer.

Maybe one day I will power through a granny-making marathon and crochet enough for that afghan, but for now, this simple, happy garland will have to do.

Are you starting to craft for the holidays, yet? What are you making?


4 thoughts on “granny goodness

  1. Another use for darling grannies! What is not to love about this? And I can hardly believe that Christmas is right around the corner. Unbelievable. Totally.

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