halloween 2010

I’m a little late with the Halloween post seeing that it’s 2 days past, but better late than never, right? Can you guess who requested the pumpkin carvings this year? K is really into the Disney princesses. We listen to a CD of the songs from the movies on the way to and from school daily.


K had the best time. She actually didn’t want to come in and kept insisting that we visit “…just one more house, please!” over and over again.

L fell asleep promptly at 7pm, just as K and hubby and a few friends headed out the door, so I sat on our front porch dishing out the candy so the constant doorbell chime wouldn’t wake her. It was a cold night.

So my little roo pretty much slept through Halloween, but a least we snapped a few photos of her in her costume.


3 thoughts on “halloweening

  1. Anna also went to sleep before the trick-or-treaters showed up so we just left a bowl of candies outside for them. Good for you for actually getting into the spirit and staying out on your front porch!

  2. Those are pretty intricate pumpkins you have there. I’m always so fearful of playing with knives. I used to let my kids draw out the designs and then I would cut out triangles or squares for the face — no matter what they drew.

    I love the shot of the baby — she looks so plump and sweet.

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